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<transcy>Peri bottle</transcy>

<transcy>Peri bottle</transcy>

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Toilet visits after birth can be challenging. We recommend using a peri bottle to gently pour warm water over your perineal area for the first few days/weeks when you use the restroom. This will ease and prevent the associated stinging.

Regularly washing the perineal area with warm water is very soothing, particularly if you've had tears and stitches. It will also help you keep the area clean and reduce the risk of infection.

The bottle can be held upside down for a continuous comfortable shower. The long wand is perfectly angled to make reaching sensitive areas quick and easy.  The bottle holds 350 ml of water and comes with a waterproof bag for storage when you need to take it with you.

Put it in your maternity bag and meet prepared for the maternity days!

Instructions for use:

Fill the bottle with clean lukewarm water. If necessary, wash the bottles with soap and warm water. Store in bag. Must/can not be boiled.


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