• La oss gjøre barseltiden din bedre!

<transcy>Be postpartum prepared&nbsp;</transcy>

How do you prepare for something as big, unknown and unique as pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth? We help you find good knowledge and useful products to be prepared for birth and postpartum. Wishing you a great birth experience!


  • "The cooling pads are fantastic !! Woke up swollen and in pain after giving birth, after putting on a bandage the swelling went down and the pain subsided !! Recommend these to everyone I know going through a birth!"
  • "You focus on the important and beautiful process that makes women mothers and women's ability to give birth. Natural childbirth is presented as normal, but you also provide good information about cases where medical obstetrics may be necessary."
    Midwife Kari Klocke
  • "We was pregnant for the first time and thanks to the great booklets we were well prepared and as ready as we could be! My husband read up on how he could best help me, and used a lot of the information in the booklets. Very informative booklets that we recommend further."
  • "Had it not been for your information, I would not have had the good dialogue with my partner about what I want, what expectations we have, hormones before and during childbirth, etc. Thank you very much!"
    Customer of Fødebagen