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<transcy>Cooling pads</transcy>

<transcy>Cooling pads</transcy>

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Soft and absorbent instant Perineal Cold Pads that give you an instant cooling and soothing effect. Specially designed to reduce pain, tenderness and swelling after childbirth - while absorbing like a regular pad.

Forget hard and uncomfortable pads from the freezer. Easy to use,  firmly squeeze the pad to rupture the inner chamber and shake to activate the cooling effect. Place in your underwear, just as you would with a regular pad.

The comfortable cooling sensation will last around 30 minutes. Gentler and safer than homemade ice packs, there is no risk of freezer burn. Immediate effect just when you need it - a must in the hospital bag! 

Instant activation allows you to use wherever needed, they do not require a freezer. The pads are for single use only.

Put them in your hospital bag and be prepared for the maternity days!


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