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<transcy>Nipple Shield Mamivac</transcy>

<transcy>Nipple Shield Mamivac</transcy>

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Mamivac nipple shields are thinner than other nipple shields so that the baby has better contact with the breast. Mamivac is the internationally preferred brand among IBCLC / Midwives.

The shields are made of skin-friendly and tasteless silicone. The shields come with a storage box.

When it comes to the use of a breast shield, it is important that it is used in collaboration with a breastfeeding supervisor or health center to be sure that the baby gets enough milk and that you get help with the underlying breastfeeding problems. .

Choice of size: When deciding what size to have, in most cases you should start with your nipple and choose the shield that suits you. If the baby is very small/premature then you may need to have the smallest size.

Choice of shape of the nipple shield
Mamivac are the only breast shields where you can choose between 5 sizes and two different forms. Those that are cherry shaped are often beneficial for babies who are struggling to take the breast due to tight tongue band or low muscle tone.

How to find the right size
The size of the breast shield depends on the your nipples, not the areola (the brown or pink area around the nipple). This is the diameter you need to measure, ie across the nipple. 

Measure the size when you are relaxed. The breast shield should be about 2 mm larger than the actual breast bud. You measure across at the base of the nipple, that is, where you see the nipple begin to rise from the breast. If your nipple, for example, is 22 mm across, then you should have the size that is at least 2 mm larger than that. Ie size L. If you are unsure, ask the Breastfeeding Supervisor/Nurse/Midwife for help finding the right size.

Sizes in diameter:
Cherry shaped
S: 18 mm (suitable for premature babies / small breasts)
M: 22 mm

Conical shaped
S: 18 mm (suitable for premature babies / small breasts)
M: 22 mm
L: 28 mm

Cleaning: Prior to the first use and before any other use, disinfect the nipple shields by boiling them in water for at least 5 minutes. Clean the nipple shields after each use with commercial washing-up liquid and rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water. With proper use and storage, the mamivac® nipple shields have a service life of 2 years.


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