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About Fødebagen

Most pregnant women are concerned about what to pack in their maternity bag as the birth approaches. It is a very concrete thing to relate to, it is something we can plan and have control over - perhaps in contrast to birth and childbirth.

For how do you best prepare for something as big, unknown and unique as pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth?

Behind Fødebagen AS lies midwife Kristina's long experiences and a great desire to share her knowledge so everyone can benefit from it. Knowledge that provides security, which in turn gives you the best starting point for a great birth experience. Useful products that can make childbirth easier and better.

I know where the challenges often arise. Breasts that can become sore and painful and make breastfeeding difficult and painful. Abdomen that is tender, swollen and painful after birth - this is not what you want to focus on when your baby is born. BUT there are help and products that can relieve and reduce pain, and I am so happy to be able to offer products that can make childbirth easier and better.

We have gathered the best knowledge and useful quality products for your pregnancy, birth and childbirth. Put them in your Fødebagen and meet prepared for birth.

Midwife Kristina
Owner and general manager of Fødebagen AS