Nasal aspirator

Infants breathe through their noses and their nostrils are small. When the nose is clogged, it can often lead to problems during breastfeeding or bottle feeding, because the baby constantly releases the nipple/bottle to breathe with his mouth.

It can be helpful to drip saline/nose drops into the nostrils and use a nasal aspirator to remove mucus so the child has free airways through the nose.

This simple and soft nasal aspirator is easy to use without hurting or harming the baby. Easy to clean. Standardized EU approved pvc material. BPA Free

How to suction

Suction your baby before feeding. By cleaning out the baby's nose before feeding, he or she will be able to suck and eat more easily. (If you suction after the baby has been fed, the combination of saline and suctioning may cause vomiting.)
  • To use the bulb syringe, squeeze the air out of the bulb. Keep the bulb squeezed.
  • Gently place the tip of the squeezed bulb into a nostril.
Release the bulb to let the air back into the bulb. This will pull the mucus out
of the nose and into the bulb.
  • Squeeze the mucus out of the bulb and onto a tissue.
Suction the other nostril the same way.
If mucus is too thick to suction, thin it with saline or prescribed respiratory drops if needed (see instructions below).
  • Gently wipe off the mucus around the baby's nose with tissues to prevent skin irritation.
Limit suctioning to four times a day to avoid irritating the lining of the nose.

How to clean
  • Divide the mouthpiece and "balloon"
  • Wash and scrub in soapy water
  • Flush water through the mouthpiece and balloon
  • Allow the unit to dry completely before putting it away

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