NaturalGose with heating pad

Delicious sweet and soft goose in organic cotton. This is guaranteed to be your babies favorite cuddle!

In the belly of the little goose there is a bag of cherry stones, in the big one the bag is filled with chaff. You can take out and heat the bag or cool it down as needed. In this way, the goose can give cooling to feverish children or heat in the straller on a cold day.

@Senger make high quality stuffed animals with a focus on safety and sustainability. The teddy bears are produced without the use of harmful substances and all materials are as far as possible organic. Hand washing is recommended.

To use a heating pad:

  • The bag is heated in the oven for approx. 15 minutes at a temperature of 75 degrees and refrigerate for 30 minutes
  • Always check the temperature before using the heating pad.
  • Try until you reach the desired temperature on the heating pad
  • The bags with filling should be stored dry.

Available in different sizes and colors (grey and white)

Small: 47x37x11cm Large: 80x69x17cm

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