Swaddle Blanket

Lovely super soft muslin baby blanket in 100% organic cotton. You can use the blanket as a regular airy baby blanket, and it is also very suitable as a wrap blanket.

Wrapping the baby can sometimes help for a restless baby, where neither cuddling, breastfeeding or carrying works. It's important that you swaddle in a safe way:

The child should lie in a supine position

The wrap may be tight around the shoulders, but loose around the hips/knees. The hips should not be pressed down in an extended position.

When the baby shows signs of starting to turn from back to stomach, you should stop swaddling.

You can swaddle the baby with your hands inside or outside the blanket.

When the baby is awake or not stressed, do not swaddle the baby. It can be used when you think the baby may need this to calm down, or to be able to sleep. The baby needs to move a lot to exercise and gain lots of experience with moving arms and legs - and brain development. The best thing your baby knows is also to lie face to face with you or your partner.

The baby must not overheat, also think about what clothes you have on the baby under the blanket.

120 X 120 cm, machine wash 40 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Can shrink 5-10%

  • 299,00 kr
  • 299,00 kr
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