What do I pack in the feeding bag?

For weeks and maybe months before the birth, we plan what will be in the bag we will take to the hospital on the day we will give birth.

What you will need during childbirth and the first days after birth varies and depends, among other things, on how many hours you are in childbirth, and how long you stay in hospital after birth.

Here you get our best advice and recommendations for what you, the birth partner and baby need in the delivery bag.

To yourself

Your papers
Health card, blood test results and possibly other important papers

It varies how much you want, can or have time to spend on self-care in connection with birth and the days after. Something is a necessity, other things are used on occasion.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hairbrush
  • Shampoo / conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Lipsyl (Yes!)
  • Hand / Moisturizer
  • possibly Make up

Cooling bandage and rinsing bottle
Specially designed to soothe and care for your abdomen after birth!
You can find more information about Cooling bandages and rinsing bottles here

Good soft and stretchy maternity panties
You get disposable panties / mesh panties at the hospital. If you want something with more hold in and which is not transparent, these maternity panties are absolutely perfect together with the bandages. It is good to have some panties that are high at the waist, so they do not tighten against a sore stomach and / or cesarean section.

Hair braid / ribbon

It is good to be able to shut the world out a bit, both during childbirth and when going to sleep after childbirth (perhaps in a common room)

An "insider" tip here is and do not bring your nicest white and new dressing gown, it is quickly done that there may be some blood stains etc.
Slippers / slippers / slippers

Be careful not to carry bacteria from the floor up to the bed where you have your baby. It is also a good idea not to bring your finest new slippers, one that can be washed is absolutely great.

Phone and camera
Headset, charger / powerbank. It is smart and not run out of energy even on the phone / camera. A birth often involves some waiting, and then it's nice to have something to do, a headset to shut the world out with and take some pictures for later. After giving birth, I recommend putting electronic gadgets away a bit, and just enjoying the magical moment in peace and quiet without interruption.
Massage oil
Many people like to get massages of the back, feet etc during childbirth. It works best with a good massage oil - eg this which I have chosen for the store because I like it so much myself: D
Comfortable clothes
Loose and loose clothing, preferably something you are not so afraid of stains. Tops with an opening at the front are practical for skin contact and breastfeeding. Many people think it is good with wool socks if you are cold after the birth.
  • Large T-Shirts
  • Sweatpants / top
  • Large panties (you get mesh panties at the hospital)
  • Breastfeeding bra - without players. (often not necessary the first few days before milk production starts in full)
  • Warm socks
  • possibly a bikini top for water birth if you want

Drinking bottle
With a separate drinking bottle, it is easier to remember to get enough fluid both during birth and in the days after. It is useful to have one that you can also lie down to drink from, with a straw / bite valve such as this from camelbak

Food / Drink
You need energy for work! Of course, you get food and drink at the hospital, but if you want something special or the kiosk is closed, it is good to have something that gives you energy throughout the birth.

Breastfeeding insert
Milk production usually starts in full on day 2-3 after birth. Sometimes, however, it can start before you go home from the hospital, and it is nice to have a good and soft nursing insert in wool / silk or disposable insert .
Breastfeeding ointment ex. @Purelan
To prevent and / or relieve sore nipples during breastfeeding.
Pregnant pillow @bbhugme, breastfeeding pillow or own pillow
Many people sleep best with their own pillow. For extra support and comfort both during and after the birth, both the pregnancy pillow and the nursing pillow are good to have. You can also find them in several colors in the online store of Fødebagen <3

For baby

Most of what your baby needs is available at the hospital: diapers, nourishing creams, bodysuits and blankets. If you want to use your own, you will need:

Soft and airy baby clothes
Preferably in wool / silk that regulates the temperature best. Remember that it is often hot in the hospital and it is beneficial for both the baby's temperature regulation and breastfeeding that the baby lies skin to skin next to their body. If you are going down to the canteen, for example, it is nice to touch the child:

  • body
  • lue
  • socks
  • carpet

Care cream There are many good baby creams on the market. I recommend this organic baby cream from Weleda. It contains zinc, natural organic beeswax and skin-friendly wool wax. Together they form a natural membrane that protects the skin from moisture, without clogging the pores.

Baby blanket
A lovely light baby blanket is nice to wear during childbirth Wrapping the baby can sometimes help for a restless baby, where neither cuddling, breastfeeding or carrying works. It is important that you wrap in a safe way - you can read more about it here .

Baby wrap
Of course not a must, but VERY convenient when you want your hands free, but at the same time have the child close to your body. You can find two types of good carrying shawls here.

Clothes for the journey home
Depending on the season.

Car seat
You may want to store in the car for the journey home, as there is little space in the maternity / paternity rooms.

To Partner

Of course, the amount of clothes depends on whether / how many nights you are going to spend the night in the hospital.

Comfortable clothes

  • sweatpants
  • t-shirts
  • underwear
  • possibly swimming trunks for water birth


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant

Water bottle

Slippers / slippers / slippers

Phone and camera - headset, charger / powerbank

Many births involve waiting. It is not always the person giving birth who needs a massage or other form of support / help. Then it can be good to relax with a book, magazine, etc.

Food and drink
In order to be able to provide good support during the birth, it is important that you also take care of yourself and get enough energy and fluids. You can buy food and drinks in the canteen / kiosk when it is open. But it is always a good idea to bring something that gives you quick energy whenever you need it. Energy bars, nuts, smoothies, fruits etc

You get a lot of what you need in connection with childbirth and childbirth at the hospital. Comfortable hospital shirt, diapers, regular bandages, disposable panties and clothes and diapers for the baby. If you want to use your own clothes for yourself and the baby, your own food, breastfeeding pillow or the little extra, you can take this with you. The most important things you bring with you are your health card, blood test results and possibly other important papers, slippers / slippers to wear on your legs and comfortable clothes for the maternity days.

It can also be nice to bring something that can make the delivery room a bit like home. Own blanket / pillow, battery-powered lights or. but keep in mind that there is limited space in a delivery room and the closets for storage are small. It is a good idea to leave valuables at home, as there are rarely locks on cupboards / bedside tables.

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